Someone Likes Us!

Photo by Shannon Tommy Photo.

Were you lucky enough to make it to our Ruby the Hatchet show? Or did you see the debut of Pop Vicious? The evil wormhole of a not-quite-cover band that drove half of Little Vicious to the brink of insanity? If the answer to either of those was no, you fucked up, my dudes.


Check out this very cool article by Chris Jordan published in the Asbury Park Press. There are a TON of other awesome artists also featured on the article of 8 Jersey Musicians You Need to Know in 2019, so give it a read. If you want. You can live your own life and make great choices. We're not telling you what to do. Just making some very qualified suggestions.

We will be announcing some very, very cool news, very, very soon. Yes, it has to do with the long awaited album. Yes, you're going to be SO STOKED.

Thank you for a great 2018. We met so many new fans, had so many great shows, and learned even more about bringing rock and roll to every corner of the world. Which is what we're going to do, duh.


Stay vicious.

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