What is Little Vicious?  

It started by the ocean. 
It went to the mountains, the deserts, the swamps and then it came back - more bad ass and rock n' roll than ever. Little Vicious is a constantly mutating byproduct of front woman and lead guitarist Marguerite King, who orchestrates music filled with heavy riffs and classic rock grooves. 

Little Vicious is a rock and roll band currently based in Asbury Park, NJ. They play music that's soft enough for the boys, and hard enough for the girls. Catch them (if you can) on their upcoming tour and stay tuned for their long awaited upcoming new album, Dark Country


Matt Lauritsen - drums   
Scott Rescigno - bass  (Where's Tino, the Le Mats, NJ)
Marguerite King - vocals, lead guitar



Jon Stolpe - bass  (the Moms, NJ)  
Eric Pierce - drums
Brian Miller - bass
Dan Kazcak - bass
Casey Boden - bass